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Past Life Regression

  • Who were you once?

  • Have you a fascination for another time or place?

  • Have you met someone and felt you have known them before?

  • Do you have a birthmark which seems unexplained?

  • Perhaps you  have an all consuming obsession with a hobby or past time?

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, then this may indicate echoes from a past life.  Many cultures across our planet believe we have incarnated before and that we may retain memories from lives once lived.

Why would we need to explore a past life?  Well, it can give answers to the questions we have about reoccurring patterns in our current life, it can shed light on strengths and skills we had, the people or beings we once were and of course, if others in our current life have been a part of our previous lives.

I'm a certified past life regressionist  to advanced level with the Past Lives Therapists Association since 2006 and I have conducted many regressions, safely and securely into past experiences.  

Cost is £100 per session.  A session is approximately two hours and thirty minutes and is recorded for you.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask about this fascinating subject, you can find the contact form beneath.

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