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Tutoring and Development

Our spiritual inspirers need those who are willing to work for Spirit in order to bring evidence of life after death or to bring inspired wisdom and counselling to those who are willing to listen.

Consequently, I felt it important to bring forward the next generation of mediums and psychic workers to carry on this work, but to the highest standards.

As an experienced medium myself, I tutor in psychic awareness, through to mediumship and to hosting regular circles for improvers through to advanced.

I trained as a tutor to adults as I believe any teaching or tutoring needs a professional method of training. 

I and my associate, Jules Sealby B.Ed are jointly running workshops in working energetically at beginners level, to working with spirit guides at advanced level.  Students who complete all our workshops and who show dedication and respect for working spiritually may be invited to join our Circle.  Our workshops are held at Jules'  beautiful and well appointed 'Centre' at Deddington in Oxfordshire. 

The day is one of uplift, empowerment, exploration and joy.  It also offers you a chance to meet like minded people.

Dates for 2024:

Level 1:  27th January 2024

Level 2: 6th April 2024

Forthcoming dates and prices will be published as soon as possible.

Please do contact me for further information (see below)

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