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Tarot can help you find a way forward in our every day lives, by showing us directional sign posts and incoming trends.  Tarot answers the question behind the question, thereby getting to the heart of the matter.  It bypasses our ego selves, our conscious minds so it brings us a true reflection of that which we need to know or do.

Tarot is perfect for decision making around relationships, career or areas where we just need some clarity.
It is insightful around our development and can highlight where we need to make changes to restore ourselves back to our true path.

I have been reading Tarot professionally since 2006 and I am never ceased to be amazed by its accuracy.

You can expect an uplifting, empowering and joyful session with me and allow a good hour. 

Cost is £50 per session and it is recorded for you.
Need further information, please use the contact form below. 

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