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Soul-Centered Healing

The goal of Soul-Centered Healing is to help a person become clear, centered, and confident in the present. Healing occurs through a process of identifying and resolving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether they originate from within a person’s own inner world or from without.

Soul-Centered Healing is a deep, deep dive into our inner worlds and realms to carry out a granular healing protocol.

Soul-Centered Healing recognizes that there are entities, energies, and dynamics operating at these subtle levels that can cause a person ongoing conflict, pain, or confusion. This includes, for example, sub-personalities. These are parts of the self, created during earlier experiences of trauma, that continue to exist and affect a person at unconscious levels. 

Soul-Centered Healing is a form of hypnotherapy that uses specific methods and protocols for working at these unconscious levels to identify the source of a person’s pain, distress, or conflict. The process begins when the therapist engages and works directly with a person’s higher self to identify the source of symptoms or distress. Whether it is a sub-personality whose past trauma is being triggered in the present, or outside spirits or entities trying to access the self, or intense panic set off by past-life memories breaking through into the present, different protocols are used depending on the particular phenomena presenting. T

Dr Thomas Zinser is my mentor and has tutored me in this process.  

This would be an ideal healing modality for those who would like to begin a deeper healing journey.  Normally, due to the depth of healing required,  Soul-Centered Healing is generally series of sessions, it is not a 'stand alone' session.

Questions?  Please, do ask, I am happy to help you.

Cost £80 per session.  A session is approximately one and a half hours long.

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